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Friday, Mar 16, 2018
MARC has withdrawn its AAA/AAA-IS ratings on The Export-Import Bank of Korea’s (KEXIM) RM3.0 billion conventional and/or Islamic Medium-Term Notes (MTN) programme. The ratings carried a stable outlook. The ratings withdrawal follows the final redemption of the outstanding notes of RM500.0 million and expiry of the programme on March 12, 2018 as confirmed by the facility agent. Upon the withd...

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Thursday, Mar 08, 2018
MARC has assigned an intrinsic credit strength rating (ICSR) of BBB+ND to The Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM). The ICSR is based on a non-domestic scale. Concurrently, the rating agency has affirmed KEXIM’s financial institution (FI) rating at AAA and its Medium-Term Notes (MTN) programme of RM1.0 billion and conventional and/or Islamic MTN programmes with a combined nominal value of RM3.0 ...

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